One step for a book. The one little step you take today means a giant leap for rural kids!
Challenge ourselves: Mountain Marathon for Charity!
Climbing the Great Wall, a Special Mountain Marathon on September 28. Let’s “CHALLENGE” for love!
1. Time and Place:
1) Time: September 28, 2013
2) Place: Jinshanling Great Wall, Luanping County, Hebei Province
2. Competition Arrangement
 (1) Number of Participants: 3000
(2)Participating Eligibility
1. Raise funds, the more the better.
2. Age: Participants of the Challenge Competition should be 18 years old and above; participants of the Experience Competition should be 15 years old and above; at least one adult has to be present for the Family Walk; participants of other activities has no age limitations.
3. Gender: All activities are open for both male and female participants; the Four-Member team should include members of both genders.
4. All participants are required to provide true and valid identification, and to ensure they are in a good physical state.
5. The participants’ information will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify any participant who does not meet the participating conditions and requirements, and the donation made by a disqualified participant will not be refunded.

The enterprise/organization team is limited to Experience Competition and the number of the participating teams should not exceed ten.
The family team is limited to the Family Walk, which is not included in the competition. But the finishing time will be recorded and certificates will be issued. The participants of each family team should not exceed three. For Family Walk, the Organizing Committee will organize interactive games between urban and rural children, life skills development and other activities during the event.
90 yuan will be taken out from the fund raised from each participant as the organizational cost, which will cover transport, ferry, medical treatment, insurance, etc.
 (7) Information for Participants
1. All participants shall accomplish the corresponding routes within the specified time. For those who fail to do so, the finishing time will be recorded but the competition results will not;
2. Participants cannot use any vehicle for the competition, but walking sticks are allowed;
3. Four-member teams and three-member family teams shall start as a group, sign in at checkpoints along the way as a group, and finish as a group. The time and competition results will be recorded on the group basis.
 (8) Competition Organization
1. Checkpoints: A checkpoint will be set up every certain number of kilometers along the route, providing medical, mountain rescuing, and results recording services.
2. Timing Services: All participants must wear the timing chip provided by the Organizing Committee, which will provide the final results at the finish line.
3. Mountain Rescuing: Rescuing personnel will be arranged for mountain routes to ensure the safety of the participants, and to make sure they accept necessary assistance as soon as possible.
4. Medical Services: Medical assistance teams will be arranged at checkpoints and major intersections along the routes to ensure the smooth going of the competition.
5. The referees: There will be referees at both the starts and ends to record the competition results of the participating teams.
 (9) Awards
1. Competition results awards for participating teams: The top three teams for both the four-member teams and the individual teams will receive the Golden Foot Award, the Silver Foot Award, and the Copper Foot Award according to their results ranking, and the organizer will award them medals and prizes.
2. Fundraising awards for participating teams: The team that raises the most funds in the three-member family teams, the four-member teams and the individual teams will each be awarded by the organizer the donation memorial medal and the souvenir; the enterprise/organization team that donates the most (in terms of the total donation amount made by the enterprise/organization) among all the enterprises and organizations will be awarded by the organizer the donation memorial medal, and be commended on the official website and the official microblog (@ weibo.com) of the event.
3. All participants who finish the routes within specified time will receive certificates; all donated enterprises/organizations will receive donation memorial medals awarded by the organizer; all participants will receive donation certificates; all donators will receive donation receipts.
A “Challenge 8 Hours” experience-sharing forum will be organized in November, 2013 by China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF). Participants and enterprises that have made efforts to this event will be invited to attend the forum and further awards will be issued. All participants are welcomed to continue to raise fund for the “Happy Reading” of rural children after the event.
3. Management and Use of the Raised Funds
 (1) Management
1. China Youth Development Foundation receives donations of this event and makes sure that the funds be used for their specific purpose, for which China Youth Development Foundation bears legal responsibility.
2. China Youth Development Foundation issued to the donor “the unified receipt for charity donation”.
3. China Youth Development Foundation will commission an independent audit agency to audit the donations and publish the audit reports.
 (2) Usage
The Project Hope Happy Reading mobilizes social strength to raise funds and provide rural primary schools in Central and West China with selected children’s books. Taking books as the carries, this project aims at improving the reading ability and education level of rural primary school students and developing their reading habits through helping the schools in carrying out class activities and school-wide reading activities. 120 yuan RMB will help to provide a rural primary school with a set of “Project Hope Happy Reading Books” and train a rural reading teacher. The funds raised in 2013 will be used for the “Project Hope Happy Reading” projects in Ya’an of Sichuan, Hebei and Yunnan provinces.
1. On-site: Fill in the application form at application sites specified by the Organizing Committee
2. Online: http://hiking.cydf.org.cn
3. By telephone: 010- 64035547/64790590
4. Come to the Organizing Committee office: China Youth Development Foundation Reception Room, 5th Floor, No. 51 Wangjing West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100102, China
The application deadline and the payment deadline of the minimum amount of donation: September 15, 2013; the organizer will inform the participants to get their participating serial numbers and participating packages when their donations are confirmed, and welcome the participants to continue to raise funds for this event.
Note: Enterprise/organization participants please dial: 010- 64035547/64790590
We can offer:
1. Transport services for collective travel, preparation and warming up before competition;
2. Professional participating packages and event services;
3. Donation certificates and a fundraising experience-sharing forum.
You can:
1. Enjoy the beautiful Great Wall in autumn and raise funds for love;
2. Visit rural primary school and interact with rural kids;
3. Visit the “Happy Reading” project school and share the happiness of reading.
We are convinced that:
The one little step we take today means a giant leap for rural kids!
The one little step we take today is also a great leap in changing our mind.
Challenge 8 Hours, let’s go for it!